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This is only the list of largest 150 cities in United States starting with letter M in ABC order. If the city you are looking for is not listed, use the search box.

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Mableton Macon Madera Madison Madison Madison Heights Magna Malden Manassas Manchester Manchester Manhattan Manhattan Manhattan Beach Manitowoc Mankato Mansfield Mansfield Mansfield City Manteca Maple Grove Maplewood Marana Margate Maricopa Marietta Marion Marion Marion Marlboro Marlborough Marrero Marshalltown Martinez Martinez Maryland Heights Marysville Maryvale Maryville Mason Mason City Maspeth Massillon Matthews Maywood
McAllen McHenry McKinney McLean McMinnville
Meads Mechanicsville Medford Medford Mehlville Melbourne Melrose Memphis Menifee Menlo Park Menomonee Falls Mentor Merced Meriden Meridian Meridian Merrillville Merrimack Merritt Island Mesa Mesquite Metairie Metairie Terrace Methuen
Miami Miami Beach Miami Gardens Miami Lakes Michigan City Middle Village Middletown Middletown Middletown Midland Midland Midvale Midwest City Milford Milford Mill Mililani Town Millcreek Millville Milpitas Milton Milton Milwaukee Minneapolis Minnetonka Minnetonka Mills Minot Mira Mesa Miramar Mishawaka Mission Mission Bend Mission District Mission Viejo Missoula Missouri City
Mobile Modesto Moline Monroe Monroe Monroeville Monrovia Montclair Montclair Montebello Monterey Monterey Park Montgomery Montgomery Village Moore Mooresville Moorhead Moorpark Moreno Valley Morgan Hill Morgantown Morningside Heights Morris Heights Morristown Mott Haven Mount Juliet Mount Laurel Mount Lebanon Mount Pleasant Mount Prospect Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mountain View
Muncie Mundelein Murfreesboro Murray Murrieta Muskegon Muskogee
Myrtle Beach